I have lost my password and cannot connect to my Onion Mail account. Can I reset or recover my password?

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2022-09-11 11:23

If you have lost your password or do not remember how to access your Onion Mail account, the Team cannot help you. Each account is anonymous and the mailbox is encrypted and for this reason we cannot help you recover your password or restore your mailbox.

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Jason (2023-07-20 21:44)
I use a password manager and am positive that my password is correct. Are accounts deleted show moreafter a certain length of time if there is no activity ?
ifUreadUknow (2023-10-14 19:17)
"- If you lose your password it is not possible to recover it

- If show moreyou don't use the free account for 3 months, it will be canceled automatically

- the FREE account allows you to receive emails but not send them. Think about upgrading your plan."